Monday, March 29, 2010

First Day! - Part 2

Now this being Chris’ first time out of Australia, and my first time out of Australia since 1995, neither of us had experienced DCA yet. I’d heard about how it was a good place to skip the crowds of the middle of the day, so I thought it was a good time to be heading over.

We first went and saw Muppets 3D, as a fan of the Muppets I thought this show was great, I also enjoyed the room where the preshow is, I took lots of photos of random stuff. This is a really great show, and I’m a bit disappointed that they’re planning on getting rid of it...

We spent a little time wandering around the Hollywood back lot. I knew that there was a cheerleading thing the following weekend, so I was a bit worried when I saw several large groups of them walking around. I sort of hoped that perhaps I’d gotten the wrong information and the cheerleading weekend was this weekend and not the following one, because it was bound to be busy enough as it was... Stupid Spring Break...

The cheerleaders were making the place pretty busy though... So we headed over to the other side of DCA. There we waited in line for Screamin'. This was hard work for Chris. He gets so worked up about this sort of stuff. We decided it was best to get this big scary ride out of the way earlier in the trip, so that way we would be able to go on it several times if he did like it... Eventually we got to the front of the line and jumped on. Let's just say we rode it several times this trip...

Yes, he loved it. I knew he would. I knew he'd love every ride there though... However that knowledge turned out to be wrong... But more on that later!

We then headed over to the redwood creek area – not the challenge, just the general area… We took photos with the water falls,

and of Grizzly peak and stuff

and then we ran into Push!!

Push is great! We couldn’t talk to him because he was swamped with kids, but we fell in love with him! Chris was hoping that he’d be there all of the time, but I had to explain to him that it was a special thing!

I don't think we did too much more over at DCA at this time... My photos aren't helping me remember much either... So let's say that we headed back over to DL.

We stopped in at the town hall to get a first timer badge for Chris - because I'd forgotten about it earlier. Unfortunately they were out of first timer badges. They did however have plenty of Honorary Citizen ones, and they gave us each one of those. I think I was happier with this!

We noticed that some people were sitting down waiting for the 3:30 parade already, and we didn't know what else to do at that time, so we sat down too. I'm not sure what time it was when we sat down, but we weren't too worried.

Now while we were waiting a lovely couple approached us. They explained that they come to Disneyland all the time and love it, and asked if we'd been before, now I have, but it was 13 years ago, so when people ask me this, most of the time I say no, because I knew how much it had changed since I was there last. And as mentioned before, Chris hadn't ever been before. So we told them no, it was our first time. They then brought out a little Disney bag and inside it was a Dream! They had been dreamed earlier in the day for PS to the Billy Hill & The Hillbillies show. They had to leave early that day though and wouldn't be able to make it to the show. So they were giving it to us, to pass on the Disney magic!!

I was going to ask them if they were from the Dis, but I didn’t really get the time while I was talking to them. So if you gave your Billy Hill seating up to an Australian couple on the 2nd of March 2008 at around 3pm… Thank you!!

So we watched the parade and I took lots of pictures.

I tried to take several photos of the rhino, but every time I snapped a photo a cat managed to get in the way...

After the parade we headed over to Indiana Jones and rode it. We'd gotten a fast pass for it earlier - this was our first FP usage, and it was great to walk straight past everyone! I love this ride, it was one of my favourites from my last visit – it was the Finding Nemo ride of that time, it was brand new and a long wait! This time around it was either a walk on or a walk on with FP...

More of day 1 still to come!


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