Wednesday, May 19, 2010

March 7th, Part 1

Back to Disneyland today!
Still deemed too sick to be allowed to have an early morning... But we got there relatively early still.
I was excited to discover that the Jungle Cruise was open! It wasn’t scheduled to open until the following day, so on we toddled.

I love the corniness of this ride. I get a good chuckle out of the jokes. Chris wasn’t as impressed with it though.
Unfortunately they hadn’t completely ironed out all the wrinkles and we got stuck just before the end of the ride. Next to the head shrinker... whatsis name... We sat there for ages. It got a little embarrassing for the poor skipper. He asked us if we had any questions after he ran out of all of his skit, a few people had questions, but it sort of ruined it for me. On the Jungle Cruise you’re supposed to be out in the Jungle, but the skipper told us that during the 6 weeks that it had been closed, he was just working on Splash Mountain. He could have lied, and made something up about being on safari or something...
He did redeem himself a little when a little girl asked him why the head hunter had stopped moving. He simply said “Yeah, his arm gets tired”

We then rode BTMRR again, and then spent a little bit of time in Big Thunder Ranch. I was hoping to take a photo of “The Happiest Turkey’s on Earth” but they weren’t there...

We spent a bit more time in Disneyland before heading over to DCA. I wanted to see Aladdin.
This was a really great show. I was a bit disappointed that it didn’t follow the exact same story as what the movie does, but I got over it enough to enjoy the show. But I ask you!? What is Aladdin without Abu?!?! It just didn’t sit just right with me.

After the show we stumbled on where you buy the Turkey legs from.

Chris really wanted one of these. We come from a family where every Sunday we have a baked dinner. Since we were on holidays, we hadn’t had one for a month. This was the closest we could find.

We then headed back to Disneyland. Yes I know, we bounced around a lot.

We somehow ended up at The Hungry Bear, I grabbed some lunch, and enjoyed a little while with some of the Disney cats.

This cat was really friendly, and was more then happy to sit and stare blankly at me while I talked to it.

This one wasn’t nearly as friendly (or as pretty) but I love white cats, so I’m obliged to like him too.

After lunch we looked around NOS, I wanted to find the Jewel of Orleans because I thought there might be some really nice jewellery there, but despite them being one offs, they weren’t exactly all that different to what you’d find in any jewellery store.

We then caught the train around the park and got off at Main Street and headed back to the hotel to rest. I had been once again deemed too sick... *sigh*

When we headed back to the parks it was night time. We went into DCA because I wanted to go on the sun wheel at night, and Chris wanted to go on Screamin’ at night. So we did.

We eventually headed back into Disneyland, tonight we were going to watch the fireworks and fantasmic! No illness would stop me from seeing these shows!


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