Monday, December 12, 2011

Quest Bridgewater - Kangaroo Point

55 Baildon Street, Kangaroo Point QLD 4169 Australia

The Quest Bridgewater is conveniently located on Kangaroo Point in Brisbane QLD. I found it was easy to get to everything, while being set slightly apart and not amongst the “noisiness”. There’s a lovely view of the bridge from most rooms, however you can’t hear any traffic from inside the rooms. We were only on level 4, so it’s possible that there was a view of the river from the higher levels, but not from ours.

We were greeted by extremely friendly and always smiling staff every time we approached reception. However the office does close around 11pm, so you need to check in before that time. I’m not sure what time the office reopens in the morning – I’m not a morning person, so there’s rarely a need to know this sort of thing…

The studio room we stayed in was a little small, but it also offered a full kitchen, all laundry amenities in a cupboard, and a nice enclosed balcony. The room was over all very neat and tidy and I couldn’t fault the cleanliness, however it definitely couldn’t be described as either Executive or Fancy.

Unfortunately we were only here on a short stay, so we didn’t take advantage of either the pool (lagoon style) or the gym. So I can’t comment on either of them, but they are both on offer.

The parking is extremely secure, you need a security tag which is provided with your room key to access it from both outside and from the elevators. The same tag is required to get to your level on the elevator, and you can only access the parking, your level and ground level with your tag.

Broadband internet access is available – for a price – but it’s not wireless, so you do need an Ethernet cable,  but I think these may be available from Reception if you ask nicely.

I feel if you’re paying around $140 per night for the studio room then that’s pretty good value, especially if you are going to be staying a bit longer. The use of the full kitchen and the private laundry is a great bonus in my books. Having said that though, this is the sort of room that makes a great home base if you’re planning on spending more time out and about. I’d probably look for a larger room if you’re hoping to spend more time inside.

All in all I was happy with this room for what we needed it for. Though it does get several black marks from me for simply not offering any cartoon style channels on its cable TV. I can only watch so much TV1 and Discovery Channel before I need my cartoons!

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