Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday 2nd of March. – 1st Day!!!

Now, I know what the advice is – Get there before the park opens and go straight to Fantasyland – so long as it’s not a MM, and get those rides out of the way first. However, Chris is not a Disney fanatic like I am, so I wanted to take it slowly our first day. Immerse him in the Disney experience without overwhelming him. Plus, he’s a bit of a scaredy cat when it comes to rides, so I figured that we would take our time getting ready and stroll around and make our first ride something like Pirates of the Caribbean or the Haunted Mansion first.

So everything was going to plan, we got up when we woke up, we got ready, went and had breakfast – pretty good selection at the Parkvue, fruit, cereal, waffles, yoghurt, coffee, tea, milk, juice, toast, hot chocolate and some other stuff. Then we headed over to the park.

We headed straight for the partners statue for photos and a lovely Canadian family took our photo and we took theirs. My eyes are shut, but I suppose I can’t blame them for that…

Instead of heading through the castle into Fantasyland we went to the left instead into Frontier land. We head around behind BTMRR snapping photos the whole way, and Chris asked me what it was that we were walking around. I told him BTMRR and explained that it was a roller coaster, but a pretty tame one – no upside downs or big drops. There was no line up so we made this our first ride. This was very surprising for me, because like I said, he’s a scaredy cat! He did sook a little as we wound through the line, but once we were on it he was ok, and off we went!

He loved it…

Next we headed over to POC. Still less then a 5 minute wait for this ride. I think Chris really understood what I meant when I told him that Disneyland is just better then other amusement parks with this ride. Especially the area where you’re going in between Barbosa on the ship and Tortuga and you can see “the sky” and there are clouds moving around. It’s excellent, and he thought so too!
Next was HM. Straight into the elevator! Chris sooked a little bit again at this, because no matter what I said, he was convinced that it was going to be really scary… Of course we all know it’s not, it’s just a great ride with great effects.

We then spent some time wandering around NOS and I was happy to finally get this photo. – It’s not as hidden as I expected. It took me longer to find The Jewel Of New Orleans, which is a lovely little jewelry shop, which sells one of a kind items.

We then headed over to the other side of the park into tomorrow land, according to my pictures we road Space Tours. This was ok, but not as good as I expected. By then the lines were getting long – this may have been because it was a MM so lots of people were already in Fantasyland.

We lined up for the Matterhorn, I remember it as not being that special from when I was at DL as an 11 year old, but it looks cool, so Chris wanted to ride it, and my memory of our last trip is pretty sketchy anyway. So we rode it. We both weren’t that impressed. But it’s a fun ride.

We headed over to Toon town, which I love because everything’s so cute! Chris got his photo with Goofy

– Characters scare the begeezers out of me, but I was ok with taking photos of them. However, we did accidentally make it the full way through Mickey’s house, imagine my surprise when I found myself standing next to the Mouse himself and smiling for a photo... Eeep!

I wanted to spend more time in toon town because there’s so much you can play around with here, but Chris was hungry and stupidly we paid lots of money for a tiny little hot dog – Chris was getting a bit grumpy now, what with paying lots for crappy food, and the crowds were getting much bigger. – Not that big, but big compared to what we’d seen that morning.

So we jumped on the train and headed back to Main Street.

We grabbed ice creams – which were MASSIVE!

And headed over into CA.

Up next - part 2 of day 1!


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