Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday 5th March – We finally make it to L.A!

So, we were up and early and ready for our tour of L.A. We breathed a sigh of relief when the bus turned up too.

This tour was ok, but nothing special. I really expected that they’d let us off at Rodeo Drive so we could look around. I really wanted to buy 1 thing from there, that’s all I could afford of course. But they wouldn’t let us off the bus! We did go to garden grove, but it’s not the same. We also stopped at Santa Monica. This is nice, but it’s got nothing on the Aussie Beaches.
This photo was pretty anyway.

We also went and saw Grauman’s Theatre, and all of the stuff around it.

Hey! This looks familiar!

And we stopped at this place!

Best decision ever!

That night we had Yamabuki for dinner. It was nice, but a little over priced... We didn’t eat in though, so we didn’t get the full ambience that would have made the meal... Nice though...

On a side note, I'm really disapointed that this place has since shut down. Compared to Disney World there just isn't as much variety at Disneyland, and I felt this restaurant gave it some of that variety. Hopefully there are plans in the works to bring another similar eatery back.

Then we fell asleep watching the Disney channel. Notice a pattern here? I now love watching Hannah Montana, Cory in the House and Witches of Waverly Place.


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