Tuesday, May 17, 2011

V Australia - Sydney to Los Angeles

In February 2011 we jetted off on our second trip using V Australia as our main carrier.

We flew from Sydney to LA non stop with the rest of the commoners in economy class. According to Virgin’s web site the economy seats have 81cm of leg room, and a 15cm recline. If you so desire, you can also organise to have an “Extra Leg Room Seat” which gives you just that.

Each seat also has its own personal screen with the ability to choose from dozens of movies and TV shows to keep you occupied during the flight. Also available is seat to seat chatting and games where you can challenge other passengers.

I love individual screens when flying, with just a couple of movies, a TV show or two, dinner, breakfast and a bit of a sleep you find yourself arriving at your destination in what feels like no time at all. They really do take the hassle out of flying and I find myself checking for this feature when booking flights as well.

Boarding was on time and quick and painless, with the V Australia staff taking the smart option of loading from the back of the plane to the front (which avoids people standing in the aisle while you’re trying to get past).

During the flight, we were met with Virgin’s amazing customer service. During a casual conversation with one of the flight attendants my then fiancé mentioned we were on our way to get married, before we knew it we had complimentary glasses of champagne brought to our seats – drinks are free anyway, and I don’t drink alcohol, but that didn’t stop it from feeling special. An upgrade would have been nice, but I suppose beggars can’t be choosers.

Meals were hot and tasted fresh, with 3 or 4 options to choose from and came with a few cold sides. I remember from our previous flight that there was a snack area that you could help yourself to at any time during the flight, and it was always kept well stocked with soft drinks, water, packets of chips or pretzels, nuts and biscuits. However on this flight I found that the snack area never seemed stocked. Water was always available from a fountain, but I only once saw any food available there. V Australia may have cut back on the snack availability to save money, but I hope that’s not the case, as there were a few times when I really could have gone for a quick snack without having to track any of the attendants down.

Overall I was very happy with our flight, Virgin’s customer service is amazing, the meals are tasty and filling and the entertainment is free and varied. We will fly with V Australia again, and I look forward to it!

All pictures have been “borrowed” from The Age – I always feel uncomfortable taking pictures inside an airplane – how about you?

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Why Disney?

It's not uncommon for people to question why most of my holidays seem to centre around Disney.

What can I say? They know how to make things magical!

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