Monday, May 10, 2010

March 3rd, Part 2

Back out on Mainstreet we spotted this little fellow.

I think it’s Dale isn’t it? I always thought Chip had a red nose, but apparently it’s just a different type of brown...

I’m a bit confused here... I know we rode Splash Mountain several times during our trip. It is quite possible that now is one of them... Quite possible, but I’m not 100% sure...

So anyway, at some stage we headed over to Pirates Lair. Really to us, all this area is, is a photo opportunity place. So we took lots of photos...

We even found a hidden Mickey!

And a highlight for Chris for today – A Bench!!

I got a bit bored of Pirates Lair after a while. I get a little claustrophobic in small, dark, confined places, where I don’t know where they lead. So the tunnels were a little weird... But I enjoyed some of them, like the ones that were interactive – Davey Jones Chest, and the gold that you reach for...

So anyway, we headed back off the island. And according to my pictures, over towards Winnie The Pooh – we quite possibly rode HM again here somewhere. I didn’t mind Winnie the pooh.

Nothing to write home about, but a nice ride all together.

Then, something I’d been waiting a long time for!!!


Insert Grand Music Here!

I really wanted one of those strawberries, but even though we had lots of money saved up specifically for spending on over priced items, I just couldn’t pay that much for them!!

And of course! What I’d waited so long to try!

A Tigger Tail!!

I tell you what, this holiday really became the holiday for trying as many types of Disneyland food as I could! What with Tigger Tails, Pineapple whips, Monte Christos, churros, the bengal BBQ skewers, loaded baked potato soup, mickey waffles and pancakes! There were so many things everywhere that I wanted to try, I don’t think I even got half of them!

More of this day coming up soon... Where did all the time go??? :confused3


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