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Just so you know, it's not my fault my pics are getting cut in half, and I'm trying to fix it. Please let me know if you know how, coz it's really bugging me!!

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Sunday 2nd of March. – 1st Day!!!

Now, I know what the advice is – Get there before the park opens and go straight to Fantasyland – so long as it’s not a MM, and get those rides out of the way first. However, Chris is not a Disney fanatic like I am, so I wanted to take it slowly our first day. Immerse him in the Disney experience without overwhelming him. Plus, he’s a bit of a scaredy cat when it comes to rides, so I figured that we would take our time getting ready and stroll around and make our first ride something like Pirates of the Caribbean or the Haunted Mansion first.

So everything was going to plan, we got up when we woke up, we got ready, went and had breakfast – pretty good selection at the Parkvue, fruit, cereal, waffles, yoghurt, coffee, tea, milk, juice, toast, hot chocolate and some other stuff. Then we headed over to the park.

We headed straight for the partners statue for photos and a lovely Canadian family took our photo and we took theirs. My eyes are shut, but I suppose I can’t blame them for that…

Instead of heading through the castle into Fantasyland we went to the left instead into Frontier land. We head around behind BTMRR snapping photos the whole way, and Chris asked me what it was that we were walking around. I told him BTMRR and explained that it was a roller coaster, but a pretty tame one – no upside downs or big drops. There was no line up so we made this our first ride. This was very surprising for me, because like I said, he’s a scaredy cat! He did sook a little as we wound through the line, but once we were on it he was ok, and off we went!

He loved it…

Next we headed over to POC. Still less then a 5 minute wait for this ride. I think Chris really understood what I meant when I told him that Disneyland is just better then other amusement parks with this ride. Especially the area where you’re going in between Barbosa on the ship and Tortuga and you can see “the sky” and there are clouds moving around. It’s excellent, and he thought so too!
Next was HM. Straight into the elevator! Chris sooked a little bit again at this, because no matter what I said, he was convinced that it was going to be really scary… Of course we all know it’s not, it’s just a great ride with great effects.

We then spent some time wandering around NOS and I was happy to finally get this photo. – It’s not as hidden as I expected. It took me longer to find The Jewel Of New Orleans, which is a lovely little jewelry shop, which sells one of a kind items.

We then headed over to the other side of the park into tomorrow land, according to my pictures we road Space Tours. This was ok, but not as good as I expected. By then the lines were getting long – this may have been because it was a MM so lots of people were already in Fantasyland.

We lined up for the Matterhorn, I remember it as not being that special from when I was at DL as an 11 year old, but it looks cool, so Chris wanted to ride it, and my memory of our last trip is pretty sketchy anyway. So we rode it. We both weren’t that impressed. But it’s a fun ride.

We headed over to Toon town, which I love because everything’s so cute! Chris got his photo with Goofy

– Characters scare the begeezers out of me, but I was ok with taking photos of them. However, we did accidentally make it the full way through Mickey’s house, imagine my surprise when I found myself standing next to the Mouse himself and smiling for a photo... Eeep!

I wanted to spend more time in toon town because there’s so much you can play around with here, but Chris was hungry and stupidly we paid lots of money for a tiny little hot dog – Chris was getting a bit grumpy now, what with paying lots for crappy food, and the crowds were getting much bigger. – Not that big, but big compared to what we’d seen that morning.

So we jumped on the train and headed back to Main Street.

We grabbed ice creams – which were MASSIVE!

And headed over into CA.

Up next - part 2 of day 1!

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Disneyland - March 2008 - Post 1

I wrote this trip report over a year ago, after my fiance and I went on our first over seas trip together, we spent 10 days visiting family in Connecticut, followed by 10 days at Disneyland. I'll post this in multiple blogs, as it's quite long, with many pictures!

Saturday 1st of March. – We’ve Arrived!!
After 11 freezing cold days in New York.

Full of head colds, conjunctivitis and partial blindness, we finally touch down in L.A. We grab our bags and head out to the big green sign to catch our Disneyland bus! It was one of those things that I always wanted to get a photo of, but of course, when I actually see it I’m too excited to get the camera out and I quickly scramble on the bus.

My boyfriend Chris decides that he wants to sit in the window seat, even though I’m clearly more excited then he is, but I let him, simply for the fact that I’m clearly more excited then him, and maybe letting him sit by the seat will get him a little excited too.

The bus ride was pretty uneventful, except at one stage while listening to the radio I hear someone calling from McKay Australia! I know, nothing really special, but I thought it was funny that I fly half way around the World, and hear an Australian calling the radio station that I happen to be listening to…

Finally we start seeing signs that I’ve seen pictures of! First we pull into the onsite hotels and I declare to Chris “We’re on Disney property!” he doesn’t seem too fussed, because he can’t see the park, but as previously stated – I’m excited!

We’re one of the last to get off the bus, but I don’t care, because we’re at the Parkvue Inn and right out the front of the entrance to Disneyland!

Quick description of the Parkvue Inn: We had 1 king sized bed, two bedside tables, a large side table with the TV on it, a fridge and microwave and the sink was in the bathroom. A great size for us, I didn’t feel cluttered the whole time we were there. The rooms were clean and well stocked

The front of Parkvue Inn, with Space Mountain in the distance.

The outside breakfast area - there's an indoor area too.

Space Mountain - zoomed.

The Matterhorn - zoomed.

Unzoomed view towards the park from the hotel.

They provide a welcome basket on arrival, which included 2 water bottles, some fruit and a bottle of wine. We were going to head out and find a grocery store that afternoon, but the bottles of water and fruit were great, so we decided that we’d head over to DTD instead.
The Parkvue Inn is literally across from the entrance to DLR. So it wasn’t long before the music was all around us. I started pointing and giggling about everything! Everything deserved a point and a giggle.
We headed into DTD and our first stop was at the UVA bar. We had a few drinks – gotta love that most soft drinks have free re-fills at Disneyland! So we sat at the UVA bar and soaked in the atmosphere. I must have taken so many photos of nothing, because everything looked so photogenic.

We then decided that we were hungry and we should find somewhere to eat. We had a quick look around before deciding on Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen. This would have been one of our favourite meals of the trip. I had the Roast Chicken Rosemary and the bubble gum soda. When my meal came out my first thought – and Chris’ – was “There’s no way that I’m going to finish all of that!” but hey, what do you know?!? I ate all of it! It was so yummy, and I was so hungry!

After dinner we strolled DTD. It was lovely! The buskers were great!

We also noticed what we believed to be art students or something similar. They would be in the middle of doing something and then just freeze. They would stay frozen for at least 10 minutes before moving again. There were probably at least 50 of them all doing different things. 1 group of three asked me to take their photo, now not knowing that these three were part of that group at the time I happily took their photo. Then of course, they didn’t move after I had taken it. So, I slung her camera around her wrist and ran away…

Now as mentioned at the very beginning. I had a cold, and also due to conjunctivitis, I wasn’t allowed to wear any contacts. So I was getting tired, and everything was slightly fuzzy. So we strolled back through the esplanade and headed back to our hotel. We flicked on the Disney channel – of course – and snuggled up into bed. Yay! Our first day at Disneyland would be here soon!
Next - First day in the parks!!! Yay!


I'll be honest, I'm not really expecting this to go any where.

Have you ever noticed that when you go on holiday, and you see everyone around you toiling away at their day to day job, and you, being there but not being part of it, just feels so natural??

On our most recent extended weekend get away I pointed this out to my fiance, that not being at work just felt right, and wasn't suprised when he agreed with me. Travelling around, while everyone was at work, wasn't so much exciting (even though it was) as it felt like it was what we were supposed to be doing with our lives. We took some time throwing about ideas about how we could go about turning this into reality, ultimately Travel Journalists came to the forefront.

Then we returned home, and went back to our very own day to day toiling...

However, I won't lie and will admit that it got the cogs turning. What if we were to try this... How about we look into that...

Of course, not any old person who goes on holidays can be a travel journalist, there's a lot to it. So this blog is my way of practising, honing some writing skills, learning the best way to communicate eaxactly how I felt or what I saw to my audience...

So please bare with me, I hope you enjoy my foray into amature travel journalism!

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