Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday 3rd of March – The day we were supposed to be going to L.A

I set the alarm clock for 7:45am this morning. We had booked a tour to take us around L.A for the day. The tour started at 9:15am.

So we got up and had showers and got dressed, and just before we were going to head to the breakfast room to get some breakky before we headed to the bus stop, I looked through my emails to double check if we needed to take anything in particular with us for the tour – like booking confirmations and the like. No, we didn’t need to take anything, they’d have our name, there was the tour start time 9:15am, and further down the page was the tour pickup time 8:15am… What!?!?!

It was currently 8:20am…

Luckily I’m not generally panicky… So I continued to scan through the email and dialled a contact number that was provided. I left a message on the machine explaining what had happened and hung up feeling completely helpless.

Now I had spent the last 6 months doing nothing but planning this trip all by myself and with the help of the Dis board, no input from Chris or anything. I had spent the whole time sick and partially blind (partially blind is an overstatement, but it’s how I felt). Sitting there on the hotel bed at 8:30am – I’m not a morning person – I began to think that nothing had gone right on this trip that I’d spent so much time planning.

Chris was angry at me for getting the time wrong, usually I’d be angry back and say something like “Well you could have taken care of it!!” Instead I was just about to give up, and I started crying… I’m not a crier at all, and Chris knows this, so when he saw he’d made me cry he was very quick to do a turn around and try and help out. When I cry, it means something’s terribly wrong.

So I sat and calmed myself down, but still felt helpless. Then finally – the phone rang! It was the lady from the tour office, I went through the problem again with her and we found that yes, we could change it for another day! This of course cheered me up, especially knowing that it meant I could spend another day in Disneyland!!!

So we went and got breakfast and headed into the parks.

We went into DCA first this morning, because I’d realised that we’d forgotten to ride soarin’! After the great comments about this ride I knew we had to ride it, and ride it soon. So we got directions on how to get straight there and went and rode that first.

Now everything was still slightly fuzzy, but this was still a great ride!!! I enjoyed it so much! So did Chris, and then another surprise! When we got off the ride and headed out, we were dreamed!!!

Yay Dream Fast Passes! We found that it wasn’t busy enough to need them, so we kept them as souvenirs. This is another thing that I had to explain to Chris was special – not something that happens all the time. Once he realised that not many other people had them he got quite excited.

Next up we went on GRR, it was still early in the morning and a little cold, so we were a bit dubious about going on it, but so was everyone else – there was no line at all! So on we hoped.

I enjoyed this ride, but I must admit it’s not the best rapids ride I’d ever been on. Or maybe it’s just that I enjoy these rides so much that they seem to finish too soon and leave me disappointed…

We then had a bit of fun around the Redwood Creek challenge, then I saw the two moose’s in a totem formation. They were unfortunately roped off… But I had to get a photo of them. So quickly we jumped the rope and snapped a photo and then ran back… I felt so naughty!

After this we headed over to Tower of Terror.

I couldn’t wait to ride this ride! There was no line for it either so on we toddled. Chris was again very nervous! But we chatted to some 60-somethings from England in the line about how scary the ride looked, but we all figured that you had to do it at least once in your life, and they helped calm him down a little. He must have figured if they can do it he can do it…

I thought it was an excellent ride, and would have ridden it several times… Except Chris hated it! He was shaky when we got off and his legs felt all wobbly. He told me that he wasn’t going to trust me with rides ever again… So I took him over to the Animation Building. I figured this would calm him down.

We went and saw Turtle Talk with crush, which was cute. We enjoyed it, but it wasn’t quite the laugh a minute I was hoping for. But it did the job, and Chris had settled down.
We played around in there for a while and found that I’m most like Belle.

And Chris is most like Lumiere

I loved this fire place!

Next up we lined up for the Sun Wheel. I figured Chris would want to go on the stationary gondola, but no, he was happy to go on one of the swinging ones! I wanted him to snap a photo of the Mickey head on screamin while we were going around, but he wouldn’t. He had to hold on! So I proved to him how simple taking a photo was, and I snapped several of him.

He looks quite happy in this photo, but in reality he is gripping the cage for grim death!
The ride wasn’t as scary as I was expecting though… I think it was hyped up a little, especially because there are sick bags available…

Next I think we finally found “It’s Tough To Be A Bug” and went and saw it. That was pretty good! The effects were great too!

It was starting to heat up so we rode GRR again. We got DRENCHED this time!

We decided to ride Soarin’ again – to dry off, which was a mistake. It just made us cold! Then we stopped in at Taste Pilots Grill for lunch. Let me tell you, it wasn’t much, but I’m still dreaming about this hamburger!!! It was simply the beef patty, cheese, a pickle, ketchup, mustard and the fries on it, but for some reason it was so good and it hit the spot! Sorry, no photos, I was too hungry.

Next we decided to head over to DL. Stopping by the letters first.

And then getting more photos inside.

We then stopped in to see the 50 first years thingy. But we didn’t hang around to see the show; we sort of just looked around the stuff on display, like the pic of Walt & Mickey, that’s made up of tiny little pics.

Like these ones!

and then headed back out into it.

More later!


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