Monday, April 11, 2011

Port Orleans Riverside Resort – Walt Disney World.

photo by Misty Miotto

As with all Disney resorts, the attention to detail here is second to none. The themeing at the Port Orleans Riverside is that of old Louisiana – with the back water bayou making up half of the resort, and the stately mansions being the other part. These two sections respectively called the Alligator Bayou and Magnolia Bend.

Disney’s Magical Express, a bus service made available to guests staying at Disney Resorts, picked us up from the airport. The bus first made stops at the Yacht Club and the Boardwalk, which made the trip feel long, however as the excitement for Disney builds I’m sure any trip feels like a lifetime! Check in was quick and efficient. Sonia – from South Australia! – Checked us in, and asked about our wedding, where it was being held and when it was and congratulated us and all that. She gave us clear directions to our room, which was a bit of a walk with all of our suitcases, but the scenery was amazing, so we didn’t mind. We also received a phone call from Sonia on our wedding day wishing us all the best!

Couldn't resist throwing in a wedding photo!

Wedding photos were taken by Misty Miotto

She's an amazing photographer!

Being that I was here for my wedding, naturally I requested a room in the Magnolia Bend area. We received room 8063, which was located in the Arcadian House, and was a corner room with a king bed. I believe it also technically had water and river views, being that it was about as close as you could get to the river from this building, and was also next to one of the quiet pools that are dotted throughout the resort. I grabbed a few quick photos of our particular room, but couldn’t take many as we were heading out to Down Town Disney to meet up with some people.

If you’re interested in seeing more photos check out, which should be your first stop when investigating this resort.

House keeping, also known as Mouse keeping, came early in the morning, and were quick and efficient. If your Do Not Disturb sign was posted on the door, they checked back regularly to see if they could get through, if not they left fresh towels and soaps at your door. They also left little surprises for us to find on our return.

There were several bus stops to the parks throughout the resort, which meant you didn’t have far to go to catch one. However due to the size of Disney World, I would probably recommend hiring a car to get around.
While we didn’t eat at Boatwrights, we had a few family members that did, and all of them were happy with both the food and service. We did however eat a few times at Riverside Mill, which was just a food court layout, but with great food (breakfast did leave a bit to be desired though). We also stopped in at the River Roost lounge a few times (try the nachos). I wasn’t terribly happy with the service here. They took forever to come to our table to take our orders, and wouldn’t let us order from the bar. On one occasion I ordered the same drink 4 times, before eventually taking a friend’s reusable mug into Riverside Mill and filling up for free. The drink miraculously turned up after that… If you haven’t already heard of “Yee Ha” Bob Jackson, then you’re missing out. He performs a piano comedy act, which never fails to get the entire audience participating.
He appears Wednesdays through Saturdays and cannot be missed! Check out for more information.
I loved this resort. From the beautiful landscaping, to the fair sized rooms, and dining options available. I may not have stayed in all of the Disney Resorts, but this tops my list. I will be back!


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