Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Inky Pinky Photography

Just a quick post to let you know that I've started a photography business -

I have a blog over there, which I (so far) have been keeping up to date!

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Oh! And Merry Christmas!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Jackson's Retreat Holiday Park, New Zealand

Would you look at that? It has been over two years since my last post, and boy has a lot happened!

The biggest event would be the birth of our first child in May 2103. A little girl named Audrey, who came 6 weeks earlier than expected. She may be a handful, but hasn't slowed down our traveling much at all.

I am however here for a reason. I have decided to exhume this blog to give a shout out to a holiday park that we recently spent a night at.

For 11 days in October our home was a Mercedes Sprinter Campervan, as we took a driving holiday around the South Island of New Zealand. In that time we stayed in 9 (or was it 10?) different holiday parks, which I hope to eventually detail. However one of the parks I feel warrants a special mention.

Originally our plan was to spend a night in Greymouth, before heading on to Christchurch for our last night in the South Island, however after driving into, and around Greymouth, and spending a couple of leisurely hours in a park, we decided that nothing really appealed to us in Greymouth, so we decided to look further afield.

After a quick google search we came across Jackson's Retreat Holiday Park. It had great reviews, and even a few activities to do. Most of the parks we had stayed at offered simply somewhere to plug into, wash yourself, your clothes and your dishes, whereas Jackson's Retreat also offered hiking, waterfalls and glow worms!

There was just one problem, despite the fact that the campsite had just this year won several awards, google had it listed as permanently closed... Nothing deterred, I simply gave Jackson's Retreat a call, and was informed that they had spaces available for the night. So we jumped back in our camper and headed on.

When we arrived at Jackson's Retreat we were surprised that the site looked almost empty... Wait a minute... It was empty! Literally we were the only people there. None the less we stopped at reception and met owner Bevan and were told basically to pick our site, and he recommended site 11.

We pulled into site 11 and decided to head out to find the waterfall.

Ughh, this place is amazing!

We had been on plenty of bushwalks during our time in New Zealand, but they had all been on well worn man made paths. This path was, well... It was marked out by little poles here and there, but if they hadn't been there we wouldn't have been able to follow it. Has anyone ever played Simon The Sorcerer? It was like that, but greener and lusher, and definitely more overgrown!

Image from

After a bit of trekking we found the waterfall. It would have to be one of the nicest waterfalls we saw on our trip (and we saw a lot, but maybe none this close). We couldn't help discussing how nice it would be to sit under it on a 40˚c day.

During slow season, they close off one of the bathrooms, and make the other unisex. I don't think I'd be OK with this really, but because we were the only people there we didn't mind. It was handy being able to have the whole family in the one bathroom, and to be able to pass soap and shampoo over the little dividing walls.

The showers here are awesome! Great pressure and coverage, plus they're inside their own little rooms, with additional glass screens. Which meant that they weren't cold and draughty, and your clothes don't get all wet while you shower.

The grounds are immaculate! Everything is well looked after and despite the fact that it was very quiet there were no cobwebs or anything.

There are several "friendly" weka birds that roam the grounds and attempt to steal your food.

Now I can only assume the park is this peaceful when you have neighbours, but I don't think I had a better night sleep the whole trip. It was quiet and dark and just amazing!

After our great night's sleep we packed up our belongings and stopped in for a quick chat to Bevan before hitting the road. He's not sure how to get onto Google to let them know that they're still open for business, but he didn't seem too upset by the fact.

Jackson's Retreat is located about 40 minutes from Greymouth and 2 hours from Christchurch. It is in a perfect location for a night's stop between Christchurch and Fox or Frans Joseph Glaciers. If it hadn't been raining we would have spent an extra night.

If you're in the area looking for somewhere to stay I can not recommend it any higher!

Friday, September 21, 2012

**sheepish grin**

I'm really sorry for the general lack of posts for the last few months. There's no excuse, other then that I've been really lazy...

I'm still pretty lazy, but hopefully as the warmer months approach my motivation will pick up - I work much better in the heat compared to the cold.

However to tide you over please feel free to have a look through over 400 hundred photos that I took while on holiday in Japan during July.

Golden Pavillion - Kyoto, Japan

I'll be adding many more photos as I go through them, but in the mean time please enjoy, and don't forget to leave a comment, so I know you're having a look!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Cover-More Essense of Travel

OK, here's a sneaky plug/request for help!

I entered the below photo in the covermore essense of travel photo competition.

If you think it deserves it, please vote for me at this link


Monday, May 14, 2012

Japan Here We Come!

With Qantas' sale at the moment we have jumped on flights from Sydney to Tokyo for under $1000 each!

Two months from today we'll be on our way over. I have so much planning to do! Not the least of it getting time off work... Really should have organised that first...

We're planning on spending just over a week in Tokyo, including a few days at Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea, and then a week in either Osaka or Kyoto, we haven't worked out the nitty gritty yet, but that's the basis of our trip.

We're very excited! Ticker

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