Sunday, January 3, 2010


I'll be honest, I'm not really expecting this to go any where.

Have you ever noticed that when you go on holiday, and you see everyone around you toiling away at their day to day job, and you, being there but not being part of it, just feels so natural??

On our most recent extended weekend get away I pointed this out to my fiance, that not being at work just felt right, and wasn't suprised when he agreed with me. Travelling around, while everyone was at work, wasn't so much exciting (even though it was) as it felt like it was what we were supposed to be doing with our lives. We took some time throwing about ideas about how we could go about turning this into reality, ultimately Travel Journalists came to the forefront.

Then we returned home, and went back to our very own day to day toiling...

However, I won't lie and will admit that it got the cogs turning. What if we were to try this... How about we look into that...

Of course, not any old person who goes on holidays can be a travel journalist, there's a lot to it. So this blog is my way of practising, honing some writing skills, learning the best way to communicate eaxactly how I felt or what I saw to my audience...

So please bare with me, I hope you enjoy my foray into amature travel journalism!


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