Sunday, June 13, 2010

Getting cheap flights with V Australia

Chris and I are planning a destination wedding for March next year. If you're a follower of my blog it should come as no suprise to you when I say we're getting married at Disney World in Florida.

Plans are going great, and I will make sure to post many pictures and stories of our travels while we're over there.

We've just booked our flights for the trip, and we got an awesome price! From Sydney to Orlando return we're paying $1243 per person. At the moment you can't even get that price to go from Sydney to Los Angeles with V Australia, so we were very happy with it.

I'm now trying to encourage my guests to book their flights with this great offer, as many have expressed an interest in taking the same flight from Sydney. However many are reporting that they are unable to find these cheap flights.

So, what follows below, is my attempt at step by step instructions so our guests can get cheap flights to the states. - They might even help those who are looking for flights around the same time!

1. Go to

2.On the left hand side under find flights select Sydney as the departure and Orlando (MCO) as the destination.

3.For the dates I’ve found that 22/02/11 and 4/03/11 work really well, however when you press find flights it shows you all of the available days, and how much for each flight. So you can select what works best. I’ve just done the search and it shows $648 on the 22nd, and $598 on the 4th – total of $1246 return.

4.Now here’s the tricky part. We have booked our flights leaving Sydney on the 22nd, however when we arrive in Los Angeles we’ve arranged to catch the connecting flight the following morning. You don’t need to do this, however we’ve decided that we don’t want to be flying through the night, so this works best for us.

5.To do this though, you have to call to book your flights. Usually it costs more to book flights by phone, then what it does online. So you need to explain to whoever is on the phone that you’ve found the flights online, however you want to do a one night stopover in LA. Tell them how much the flights are you’ve found, and they should be able to find a similarly priced flight.

6. You’ll need to pay by credit card, so have it ready, they may also ask for passport numbers but this isn’t needed right now.

7.If this doesn’t pan out, Delta are currently offering cheap flights, and I believe so are United.

Good luck!


Karen Fayeth said...

Bec - I got married just two years ago August, and I have to say, the whole wedding planning thing is SO crazy and so fast paced but SO much fun.

Don't forget to enjoy every single little moment of your day. My wedding day was the single greatest day of my life.

Mazel Tov!

Joanna said...

I LOVE Disney World and I think getting married there is awesome! When is your wedding?

BecBennett said...

Thanks, it's in March. I cant wait it's driving me crazy. I know it will be here in no time though!

Joanna said...

Oh it will, I have been married for 12 years in October.

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