Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Will this tide you over?

Wow, it's pretty obvious that my posts have been lacking recently... All I can do is apologise and offer some lame arse excuses though... So here they are!
1. Sorry, but I'm still sorta hoping that someone might decide to publish the review I've done on the Excellence Riviera Cancun, so I don't really want to blow that by publishing it myself on the blog first...
To keep you happy though, here's a few photos!

2. Sorry, but I really haven't been anywhere recently to review... I've driven through a few small towns, and yes I did grab some snaps on the way through and I do propose to post those too, it just hasn't happened yet!

3. Sorry, but I'm trying to get some of my diploma done, so I can eventually actually call myself a Travel Journalist... However I probably still won't feel comfortable doing that until I've been paid for doing it!!

4. Sorry, but work is really hectic at the moment! Really hectic!

5. Sorry, but we are actually planning two holidays. I'm not going to say where, incase they don't happen. Because people tend to ask you how your holiday was, and there's nothing worse then having to tell people you never got there...

Ok, surely that's enough excuses as to why my poor little blog has been neglected? I will come back and start posting regularly again, I promise. I think I just need a bit of an arsenal of back reviews to get me going. Does anyone want to fund that expedition?!?


Jules said...

Hi Bec, How are you getting on with the Diploma course? I'm thinking of doing it myself but want to ensure the college is legit. Cheers Jules

BecBennett said...

Hi Jules,

Yes it's definitely legit. I'm upto about chapter 4, and the course seems really good.

Let me know if you go ahead with it, it's always nice to bounce ideas off of someone!

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